Fifth Grade Evernote Review

Welcome back!

Today we are going to review Evernote by taking notes on one renewable and one non-renewable energy source.

1. Visit

2. Choose one type of renewable energy source and open the page in a new tab

3. Choose one type of non-renewable energy source and open the page in a new tab

4. Open Evernote and create a new note in your notebook

5. Use the Evernote features to take notes and compare the two energy sources you chose!

3rd Grade Slideshow

Here is the Google Presentation with all of the slide titles completed. All you need to do is fill in the information!

First, log into your Google Drive account by clicking the link on the side. Next, click on the link below to open up the presentation.

Once the presentation is open, press File -> Make a Copy

Give your Copy a name you will remember.

Start working on the presentation using the worksheet you brought in from home!


Today we will be learning about refugees by doing research through Britannica Elementary. Click on the link below to go to resources about refugees.


After you have done some reading, open up the worksheet below in Google Docs. Make a copy, and answer the questions.

Once you finish, click on the link below and read some of the stories told by refugee children.


Read a few of the stories and poems. When you are finished with that, open a new Google Doc. Summarize one of the pieces that you read. Why did this person migrate? Where did they migrate to? How did they feel about the migration? Was their story happy or sad?

Hunting for citations

Can you find some information about these 2 websites?

Look through each site carefully and try your best to find these pieces of information.

Writer: First and Last name

Article Title

Website Title

Publisher of Website

Date article was published

Day Month Year article was accessed.



Create a Google Doc, copy and past this list in twice, and try and find this information for both of the articles posted here.

World Hunger Map

1. Open Google Docs in a new tab and log in

2. Go back to the Links Page tab and open the link below:

World Hunger Map

3. Explore the map for 10 minutes. Look for patterns and areas where people are particularly nourished (fed) and undernourished (hungry).

4. Check out the Hunger, WFP (United Nations Food Program), and People tabs.

5. Open the Google Doc. below:

World Hunger Map Questions and Reflections

6. Make a copy of the Doc. by clicking File -> Make and Copy

7. Read the instructions first, then answer the questions as best you can!

4th Grade Google Docs Practice

1. Click on the Google Docs link on the right hand sidebar underneath the “Dance Mat Typing” icon.

2. Log into your Google Docs account by typing in your username (first name + first letter of last name +

3. Go back to the links page and open up the link below:

Who are you?!

4. Make a copy of the document by clicking on File -> Make a Copy

5. Answer the questions.

6. Share your document with 2 friends of your choice.


Year End Update: Grade 4

The grade 4’s had a technology heavy half year, which saw them learn and create great things. Mathletics and typing were emphasized heavily in the beginning of the year. Students needed time to re-adjust to the computers in general before starting the first unit in technology, the “All System’s Go” human body unit. Students concentrated on researching, picking out important information, and creating citations and sharing it all with teachers and other students using Google Drive. Google Drive is an online productivity suite similar to Microsoft Office. In no time students were compiling and sharing sources with each other and pushing to make better and better posters, the final assessment of the unit. Students created amazing posters and presented them very well to their parents as well as other staff and students. Below are a few samples of the posters:

Students then moved on to their Migration Unit, where they got a chance to get their hands on the iPads that the school has purchased to be used by 5th and 6th graders. Students learned about the movie making process, and made sample films using Pinnacle Studios, a film recording and editing software that is relatively easy to use and offers many powerful features to create professional looking movies. Students then interviewed staff from around the school about their stories having to do with migration, and spent 3 weeks creating, editing, and perfecting final videos to show off at the second annual 4th Grade Migration Film Festival. Staff and parents greatly enjoyed watching these presentations, pictures of which can be seen below. Keep on the lookout for video links to the videos which will be added in the next few days!