How did that get on my plate?!

1. You will be in the groups listed below:


Group Number 1 2 3 4 5
Leanka Syria Mukhammad Givi Ella
Kiril Chaewon Ellie Robiya
SeoYoung Youngbin Natalya Yug Hyemin


Group Number 1 2 3 4 5
Beheshta Kristian Samira Anna Amir
Elyer Alina Hurriyat Riccardo Sofya
Xeoden Harlin JiHyuk SiYeon Odil

2. Get into your groups and elect someone to copy and share the Google Doc below with the whole group. Make sure you put the setting to “Can Edit”.

Favorite Foods!

3. Work together to fill out the first 2 columns of the chart listing your favorite foods. Do not list foods with multiple ingredients like pizza or tacos. Instead, list single ingredients like tomatoes or pomegranates.

4. Work together!

5. Use Wikipedia to find where the foods you input is cultivated and produced. Try and find the country with the highest production or the closest to Uzbekistan. Input the data into your chart.


6. Use the distance calculator link below to estimate the number of miles your food traveled to get here. Input this data into your chart.

Distance Calculator

7. Open up the Google Doc worksheet below and answer the questions about your groups favorite food. Make sure you are finished with the chart first!


5th Grade PSA Project

Hello fifth graders!

Today we will be starting our movie making adventure. You will be making a PSA about proper iPad usage! The instructions for the day are listed below:

  1. On your iPad, open your Google Drive App and login using your Tashschool account.
  2. Open the link here.
  3. Using the 3 dots options menu on the top of the screen, tap “Share and Export” and then tap “Make a Copy”.

Begin brainstorming and working on your pre-production worksheet!

Human Body Research

1. Show the Bookmark bar by hitting CTRL+SHIFT+B on your keyboard

2. Create a new folder called “Body System Links” on your bookmark bar by right clicking and clicking on “Add Folder”

3. Start researching! Here are some good sites to get you started:

4. Bookmark any page that has information that you use by clicking on the star button in the top right hand corner.

5. Open your email and copy and paste your bookmark URL’s into a message to yourself.

Grade 5: Sharing Resources

1. Create a new chart using Numbers on your iPads

2. Label 3 Columns as the following: Country, Population, and GDP in USD

3. Visit to find the top 10 countries by population as well as their total population

4. Input the country names and their total populations into your chart.

5. Visit Find the 10 GDP’s of the countries on you chart and input the values, rounding to the nearest Billion.

6. Create a new column called “GDP Per Person” next to the GDP in USD column.

7. In the GDP Per Person column, make sure it is a function by clicking on the “=” button”, and make it equal to GDP/Population be clicking on the GDP cell first, then hitting the divide button, and finally clicking on the Popuation cell.

8. Use the autofill feature to fill out the GDP per Capita of every subsequent country quickly.

9. Create a new coulumn called Price of Big Mac in USD

10. Go to the Big Mac Index and find the price of a Big Mac for all of the countries on your chart where the data is availalbe for.

11. Create a bar chart of Country and Population by highlighting all of both data sets and tapping “Create Chart”. Label the X and Y axis.

12. Create a new sheet. Copy the Country column and paste it on the new sheet. Then copy the the Total GDP column and past it next to the country coulumns. Make both a bar chart and a pie chart of the data.

13. Repeat steps 11 and 12 for Country vs GDP per Person, Country vs. Big Mac Price, and Country vs. Big Macs per person per year.

14. Copy the graphs you make and put them all on sheet 1.

15. Sign into your Google Drive by visiting

16. Open up the Resources Worksheet HERE.

17. Complete the questions as best you can. You can work in groups to discuss your answers.

4th Grade Google Docs Practice

1. Right-click on the Google Docs link on the right hand sidebar underneath the “Dance Mat Typing” icon and open it in a new tab.

2. Log into your Google Docs account by typing in your username (first name + first letter of last name +

3. Go back to the links page tab and open up the link below:

Who are you?!

4. Make a copy of the document by clicking on File -> Make a Copy

5. Answer the questions.

6. Add a question of your own to the document, such as “What is your favorite movie?” or “Do you have any brothers or sisters”?

7. Share your document with 2 friends of your choice and have them answer the question you made up!