How did that get on my plate?!

1. You will be in the groups listed below:


Group Number 1 2 3 4 5
Leanka Syria Mukhammad Givi Ella
Kiril Chaewon Ellie Robiya
SeoYoung Youngbin Natalya Yug Hyemin


Group Number 1 2 3 4 5
Beheshta Kristian Samira Anna Amir
Elyer Alina Hurriyat Riccardo Sofya
Xeoden Harlin JiHyuk SiYeon Odil

2. Get into your groups and elect someone to copy and share the Google Doc below with the whole group. Make sure you put the setting to “Can Edit”.

Favorite Foods!

3. Work together to fill out the first 2 columns of the chart listing your favorite foods. Do not list foods with multiple ingredients like pizza or tacos. Instead, list single ingredients like tomatoes or pomegranates.

4. Work together!

5. Use Wikipedia to find where the foods you input is cultivated and produced. Try and find the country with the highest production or the closest to Uzbekistan. Input the data into your chart.


6. Use the distance calculator link below to estimate the number of miles your food traveled to get here. Input this data into your chart.

Distance Calculator

7. Open up the Google Doc worksheet below and answer the questions about your groups favorite food. Make sure you are finished with the chart first!


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