Grade 3 Water Research Resources

Save Water:

100+ ways to save water!

Save Our Water

Utah Water Conservation

Water Diseases:

Waterwise South Africa Water-Borne Illnesses

World Health Organization on Water-Borne Illnesses

Water.Org on Diseases

Water Pollution:

ESchoolToday Water Pollution

Ducksters Water Pollution

Chewonki on Water Pollution

5th Grade GDP Per Capita Project

  1. Open the Google Doc Here.
  2. Make a copy of the Google Doc.
  3. Answer the 2 questions. Make sure to cite your sources of where you found all of your information by copying and pasting the website address into the Google Doc.
  4. Find the top 10 countries by population and their nominal GDP’s by using
  5. Visit and find prices of various goods in the capital cities of each country.

Grade 5 PSA’s – Add them to your digital portfolio!

  1. Visit this Youtube Playlist. Make sure you open it in a new tab.
  2. Find your video. Copy the URL from the address bar at the top of the screen. Please do not watch any other videos!!!
  3. Go to you Persuasion Page on your Digital Portfolio (Google Site), Click in the box on the right. Go to the top of the page where it says Insert, and choose Youtube.
  4. Copy the URL into the Youtube box.


Volcano Webquest

1. Open up Google Drive and log into your account. Your username is your computer login with added at the end.

2.. Open this worksheet and click File -> Make a copy.

4. Using the links on the worksheet, visit each web page to find the answers to the questions. To open the links, right click on the blue underlined writing and click “Open Link”

Excersize is Cool Scavenger Hunt

1. Open the Exercise is Cool Scavenger Hunt worksheet here.

2. Make a copy by clicking File -> Make a Copy. Make sure you have your name in the title.

3. Open the website by clicking on the link near the bottom. READ THE ARTICLE!

4. Answer the questions after reading the article.

5. Open the new worksheet here and make a copy of it.

6. Visit the How the Body Works page on Kids Health and use the articles on each of the parts of the human body to answer the scavenger hunt questions.

7. If you do not understand a word, use the define function in Google to help you try and understand it.

8. If you are researching the reproductive system, try the link here or here.